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You are God’s plan for the orphaned child... A hundred million children are struggling today on the streets of the world's cities. Our Father's heart breaks for them; it is His desire that they should be rescued and provided for, but what is His plan for these precious castaways? You are God's plan for the orphaned child! The opportunity to change our world through the rescue and care of abandoned children on the front lines of the mission field is laid squarely at the feet of God's people.

Do you care bout the abandoned and orphaned children of our world who each represent the untold potential of all Godís abundant blessings? They are in crisis, alone, many of them hungry and hurting, cold or in abusive circumstances. You can participate in their rescue and the provision of Christ-centered home for them.

Will you pray the compassion of Christ within you to move you to pray for the swift rescue of girls in child brothels, of boys in drug gangs, of children in forced labor, of child soldiers and all the hideous forms forced on the lives of orphaned children. Will you lift them to the Father and reach out to them in prayer so that His comfort might penetrate their darkness wherever they may be at this moment.

Will you give a relatively nominal amount of money ($27.77 each month) to ensure the rescue, care, and love of an abandoned child with the understanding that this act builds Godís Kingdom in a culture lost to the Gospel for generations to come. Will you participate in the Great Commission that Christ gave when He said, "Go into all the world and tell the Gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15

Yes, I want to receive a sponsorship packet and be assigned a child who is at this very moment in great need of your help, please click the "yes" button. If you have additional questions please refer to the FAQ file where many sponsorship questions are answered.