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Our History Interhope began some 40 years ago through the pioneering missionary efforts of Dr. Patrick MacRamey whose vision to evangelize the lost through practical acts of love to the poorest and neediest of all humanity became transformational realities for thousands. Today, the staff, missionaries, and children of Interhope stand on the shoulders of men of such men of great faith and from such an elevated vantage point, we are able to see broader vistas of God’s mission to the least and the lost. In 2004, Interhope prayerfully adopted a more focused approach to mission through the development of Christ-centered orphanages and the rescue of street children in crisis.

Our Mission Interhope is a small, nonprofit organization which exists to know Christ and to make Him known among the nations of earth by the rescue of abandoned and orphaned children in crisis. We provide for them safe, loving, Christ-centered homes where they can grow, learn, and prosper and future men and women of God who will profoundly influence their culture for generations to come. In this way we seek to be humble participants in the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who said on the day of His ascension into heaven, "Go into all the world and preach the Good News to all creation".

Our Ethos Stewardship and Simplicity The ethos that guides our approach to money is informed by the poverty of those to whom we have been called and the sacrificial example that Christ set for us. We value modesty, frugality, and efficiency. We shun waste and extravagance in every detail of our approach. Our small size, as an organization, means that we count every dollar and every dollar counts to us. We daily feel the weight of our accountability to God and His people for the manner in which operate.

Centrality of Christ and His Church We are not a humanitarian organization. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Answer to all that troubles of mankind in our world today. We believe that His Gospel of peace can reconcile nations at war, communities in strife, families in distress, and hearts in need. We seek to promote Him with gentleness, love, and sensitivity. We believe that to feed, clothe, and care for abandoned and orphaned children is pure evangelism and to raise them well—over the course of decades—is true discipleship.

Selectivity and Focus We are committed to mission without duplication. Having witnessed the waste and divisiveness that occurs when a given mission field is burdened by too many missionaries, many of whom are attempting to perform the same function, we have determined to seek out those places and method that are truly in need of the ministry we bring and employ methods which will meet such needs with measurable effectiveness and sustainability. We seek to reach the unreached, which are concentrated within the so called 10/40 Window. The 10/40 Window roughly corresponds to the area located between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator and contains the most challenging socioeconomic conditions and the least access to the Christian message or to Christian resources. We seek to focus on the most vulnerable of the world’s poor.