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1. What is Orphan Sponsorship?
Orphan Sponsorship is an opportunity; it is a chance to reach out and change the life of an abandoned or orphaned child forever. There are more than 100 million orphaned or abandoned children in the world today, far more than can be taken into families seeking adoption; and far more than all the orphanages on earth could ever hold. For this reason, millions of children of all ages attempt to survive on the streets of the world’s cities. They suffer unspeakable abuses and every day thousands of them slip unnoticed from the world. Interhope has developed this program as a way for someone like you to provide a loving, Christ-centered home for a child who is utterly alone. Perhaps you will never be a missionary to a foreign land but you can send the love of Christ to a child who desperately needs help. Your monthly sponsorship ensures that there is a warm bed, hot meals, regular medical care, a careful education, and a loving home for each child. Every single day of every month your child will benefit in countless ways—directly— from the amazing fact that one of God’s people far away has chosen to love her, to pray for her, and to support her. A child who has never known a mother’s tender embrace or a father’s abiding encouragement is especially mindful of the gifts she receives from a caring benefactor across the sea. For perhaps the first time in her life, she feels connected, cared for, and most of all, no longer alone in the world.
2. What does The Child Receive?
The child receives everything. Think of your own children and everything they needed as they grew and developed: clothes, toys, food, medicine, books, education, moral guidance, advice, a safe home, a bed, and above all lots of love and care. The boys and girls of Interhope have lived painful lives. Because many of them have experienced unspeakable abuse or abandonment they often need clinical counseling or medical care. This is also provided for them through sponsorship. Most of the children share the constant pain of knowing that unlike almost every other child on earth, they do not have a mother or a father. But these children are very precious to God and He brings redemption and healing to their fractured hearts. An Interhope orphanage is a joyful place, filled with love and the constant activity of children learning, living and worshipping together. Each orphanage is directed by an individual or couple who has been called of God to live sacrificially for the sake of these beautiful children. We are determined that our children’s homes will produce bright, Christian young people who, with the assistance of Interhope and an army of caring sponsors, go on to become teachers, nurses, pastors, or professionals of all kinds who can influence their culture for Christ for generations to come. This exponential evangelism builds and expands God’s Kingdom in amazing ways. The children receive everything they need to embrace the destiny God has for their lives. Although Sponsorship does not provide all the financial support needed to fully offset the cost of care, it is an important supplement without which the orphanage could not function.
3. Is this like the child sponsorship I’ve seen advertised on TV?
No, this is not like other sponsorship programs. Nearly all of the well-known child sponsorship agencies work with children who have parents and homes. The benefit they receive from sponsorship is often nominal or sporadic. In many cases, most of the sponsorship dollars are used to fund the broader regional or communitybased programs of the organization without a direct impact on the specific child being sponsored. Interhope does not agree with this practice. Interhope exists to transform the lives of abandoned and orphaned children. The child you will be sponsoring needs every single thing that a child needs to live and grow, including: clothes, food, medicine, schooling, books and toys, a home, a bed, love and a “family.” All of these things are provided with great care and oversight by the orphanage staff where the child lives. The children range in age from newborn to seventeen. A typical orphanage is home to 20-40 children. Many orphanages remain underfunded.
4. Why do they need extra support, don’t they receive government funds?
In most cases the orphanages of Interhope do not receive government funding. Our orphanages exist in countries where the government would not subsidize a Christian orphanage. Any government involvement would essentially secularize the mission and approach of the orphanage. It is important to note that Interhope has a strict Policy of Sustainability. This policy states that an orphanage must receive most of its support from local sources, raised by incountry nationals. Interhope provides staff and expertise to help orphanages find sources of local funding for the bulk of their monthly expenses. In this way, sponsorship funds can be used to meet the needs of individual children.
5. Can I send gifts?
Gifts come in many forms. The most important gift you can give is to lift up you child in prayer daily as they grow into young men and women of God. They are, each one, a witness to their own culture of the reality and presence of Jesus Christ. As for toys or books, we ask that you remember the enormous expense involved in shipping such items to remote locations. For reasons regarding security and customs regulations all gifts must come through our U.S. office. The neediest children’s homes tend to be located far off the beaten track. In some cases, it is almost impossible for Interhope to get a small parcel to the orphanage site intact. Each orphanage has an on-site social worker who knows the area and is well aware of the needs and proclivities of each child. For this reason we ask that you send your gift in monetary form with specific instructions of what you want purchased or if it should be used for the greatest need that the child has at the moment. Always, 100% of a special gift to a specific child is given to that child.
6. Can I write letters to my child?
Absolutely, you can! Typically, children love to hear from their sponsors and learn about those who have chosen to love them through prayer and support from so great a distance. They enjoy seeing photos as well. Children also write back (if they are old enough to write) and give you some glimpses into their growing hearts and minds. All letters, in both directions, are handled through the U.S. Interhope office for the purpose of translation and delivery.
7. How long does the sponsorship last?
The sponsorship lasts as long as you are willing, able, and led to continue changing the lives of children on the mission field. Children graduate when they are 18 and generally go into a trade or to a university becoming self-supporting.
8. How do I know my support reaches the child?
Interhope is governed by an independent board of directors. Each orphanage is governed by a board of national directors that meet the criterion of both the US Internal Revenue Service Code and the requirements of the country where the home is located. There are redundant layers of checks to make sure that at every stage of the process the interests of the child is protected and the intention of both Interhope and its donors is honored. We highly value frugality, modesty, accountability, and efficiency in all financial matters. All staff and employees of Interhope live simply and at times sacrificially according to the model Christ set for us. It is very expensive to raise children, as most of us know, so we are constantly working to provide a home, a family, a future, and a destiny for each child in the same way we would provide for our own children. This is the ethos that guides our organization. Every orphanage director has been screened, background checked, and is known to us, generally, for many years. Still, their use of the funds received from Interhope is closely accounted for to the dollar. We are determined to be careful stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us for the care of His children.
9. What is Interhope (IH)?
Interhope is a group of believers determined to know Christ and to make Him known among the very least of these of many nations. We believe that no child should have to eat from a garbage dump. We believe that little boys should not be turned into killers or drug addicts. We believe that little girls should not be exploited and molested. We believe that children should not starve. We are willing to act on our beliefs. Interhope is an evangelical nonprofit missions agency recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 public charity.
10. Is IH affiliated with any church?
Interhope is not affiliated with any church or denomination but is associated with and supported by many churches from various traditions including: United Methodist, Southern Baptist, Presbyterian, Assembly of God, Church of God, Wesleyan, and many independent and nondenominational churches. Our mandate states that we exist to strengthen the local church in her crucial role at the center of God’s mission to the world.
11. Are there really that many orphans?
Estimates from the United Nations have put the number over 100 million children ages newborn to 16 years.
12. Why are there so many abandoned and orphaned children?
We live in a fractured world. Children are abandoned and alone because of AIDS, war, famine, disease, or intentional abandonment. In sub-Saharan Africa 9% of the children have lost their parents to AIDS. In Southeast Asia and parts of Africa children are sold into the child sex industry where they often die under the weight of such horrible abuse. All over the developing world we find children by the thousands who are alone, in crisis, often sick and in such profound need that our hearts are broken by their plight and we, with many of God’s people, are determined to help them.
13. Wouldn’t it be better for them to be with a family rather than in an orphanage?
In most cases, yes—infinitely better. This understanding guides every aspect of our approach to orphanage development. We try to make the life of every one of our children as “normal” as possible while at the same time exploring every possible avenue to adoption. Still, there are millions more orphans than there are potential adoptive parents. At this very moment, all over the world, homeless children are hurting, suffering alone, struggling with abuse, or addiction, their bodies wasting away due to hunger or illness. There is no time to find the perfect solution. A loving, safe, clean orphanage, though an imperfect family, is a far better solution than the streets afford.
14. Are the children available for adoption?
Every country and the case of every child is unique in this respect. In some cases, the children are available for adoption but often only within the home country to nationals of that country. Interhope at present does not handle adoptions due to the expertise required of the constantly changing local regulations that govern the process. We recognize the indescribable benefit for the child that adoption affords and we work very closely with reputable adoption agencies wherever possible. If adoption is available in a given case, then we do everything we can to see that the child is adopted into a Christian family. This happens occasionally, but in most cases, there are far more abandoned or orphaned children than there are possible adoption opportunities.
15. What if I cannot pay my sponsorship?
The scriptures tell us that “the Lord loves a cheerful giver.” (II Corinthians 9:6) and we believe that giving to the Lord should be a delight and an act of worship. If your personal financial circumstances are such that giving through sponsorship becomes a burden then we encourage you to feel free to discontinue sponsorship or suspend it for a temporary period until you are able to continue. Giving to the Lord is a joy and should never become a burden. Always feel free to let us know that you would like to make a change in your sponsorship commitment.
16. What if I am blessed and want to do more?
All of our orphanages and individual children fall into the category of the poorest of the poor or in biblical terms, “the least of these.” Any special gifts are welcome, needed, and important. At any given time there are unmet needs including upgrades to buildings, furniture, and appliances; some orphanages need, books, bedding, playground equipment or vehicles; often repairs go unfixed or rigged temporarily until funds become available. The process of rescuing new children from the streets is also expensive though a pittance relative to the amazing fruit that is borne. New rooms are needed to bless more children. Some people feel especially blessed and choose to remember our work in their last will and testament, others give special gifts, large and small. Within days of receipt, such gifts are put to work.
17. Will I be billed?
No you will not be billed. Orphan sponsorship is not an obligation; it is an act of worship. Billing consumes funds and staff hours that are better used elsewhere. After you begin your sponsorship, you will receive, each month, a receipt and a tear-off return slip with a return envelope. Should you forget, you will receive a friendly reminder after some months. We do offer a monthly auto pay option so that sponsorship can be deducted directly from your checking account each month.
18. What happens when the children reach adulthood?
Something unquestionably beautiful happens; fine young men and women of faith and vision, better educated than most, seek God’s will for their lives. They graduate from the orphanage and go into a trade or to a university. They become doctors, nurses, preachers, teachers, politicians, shopkeepers, farmers, and workers of all kinds who influence their culture for Christ for generations to come. It is a process of exponential evangelism as each one reached, reaches many.
19. Can I be set up for Auto Pay?
Yes, we have a simple form available so that your sponsorship contribution can be deducted automatically on the date you specify from your checking account. This is an electronic transaction between our bank and your bank similar to using a debit card. Because there are no intermediates involved, we have found this to be a safe, secure, and efficient method of payment. If you are interested in this option,

please request the form entitled Automatic Payments :
By Email :
By Phone : (772) 224-8236
By Mail : Interhope 1837 South Federal Hwy, Ste 150 Stuart, FL 34994.